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Silbatone and giant Western Electric horn speakers – Munich High-end 2019

Recorded in 24bit 96kHz at the Munich High-end 2019 trade show on May 12, 2019. Introduction (audio recorded using a Leica Q) followed by three...

The Dynaudio “Contour” loudspeaker – CAS 2018

The Dynaudio "Contour" loudspeakers were found in the ART (Audio Reference Technologies) room this year at the California Audio Show The dynaudio Contour loudspeaker

PureAudioProject Quintent 10 Stellar loudspeakers – CAS 2018

PureAudioProject had two rooms this year at the California Audio Show, and in the second one I visited they featured their PureAudioProject Quintent 10...

Muraudio SP1 Electrostatic loudspeaker

Muraudio brought their interesting SP1 electrostatic loudspeakers to the California Audio Show this year. Startling red, curved panel, electrostatics - this is what we go...

Audio Note AN-E SPe high-efficiency loudspeakers – CAS 2018

The folks at True Sound hosted the Audio Note UK room this year at the California Audio Show. The AN-E SPe are very high-efficiency speakers -...

Joseph Audio – CAS 2018

Joseph Audio was showing with Bel Canto and Cardas Audio, as they have been known to do before, at this years California Audio Show. Joseph...

Angel City Audio loudspeakers – CAS 2018

Angel City Audio had their loudspeakers on exhibition in the TriangleArt room. Angel City Audio brought their Seraphim Prime speakers to the show. These speakers...
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