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Infinite Load Articles

History of Home Audio infographic

Found this cool infographic about home audio. Many of us have lived through many of these ups and downs... and it sure brings back...

The Dynaudio “Contour” loudspeaker – CAS 2018

The Dynaudio "Contour" loudspeakers were found in the ART (Audio Reference Technologies) room this year at the California Audio Show The dynaudio Contour loudspeaker

Design Build Listen “Wand” Tonearm

David Cope from Old Forge Distribution, part of Old Forge Studio, Recording and Hi-Fi, wandered the halls at The California Audio Show this year,...

ART, Pass Labs, Krell, Dynaudio – CAS 2018

Audio Reference Technologies (ART) and their cables were headlining a room at the California Audio Show this year. The audiophile market has seen an influx...

PureAudioProject Quintent 10 Stellar loudspeakers – CAS 2018

PureAudioProject had two rooms this year at the California Audio Show, and in the second one I visited they featured their PureAudioProject Quintent 10...

Whammerdyne 2A3 “Damn Awesome” integrated amplifier – CAS 2018

Whammerdyne was showing their 2A3 SE model DAA3+ RAM "Damn Awesome" integrated amplifier at this year's California Audio Show in the PureAudioProject room. The 2A3...
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