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Eigen Audio – CAS 2018

Eigen Audio is a local Bay Area dealer. They represent Von Schweikert, MasterBuilt, Critical Mass, and Aurender. This post will feature everything but MasterBuilt,...
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History of Home Audio infographic

Found this cool infographic about home audio. Many of us have lived through many of these ups and downs... and it sure brings back...

The Dynaudio “Contour” loudspeaker – CAS 2018

The Dynaudio "Contour" loudspeakers were found in the ART (Audio Reference Technologies) room this year at the California Audio Show The dynaudio Contour loudspeaker

Design Build Listen “Wand” Tonearm

David Cope from Old Forge Distribution, part of Old Forge Studio, Recording and Hi-Fi, wandered the halls at The California Audio Show this year,...
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Bricasti Design – CAS 2018

Bricasti Design was at this years California Audio Show, showing with Tidal loudspeakers. Tidal loudspeakers are distributed in the U.S., and appear at many...

Pass Labs [static display] – CAS 2018

Pass Labs had a large static display of gear in the Zu Audio Room. Pass Labs has a large presence at the California Audio Shows. Without further...

Hugh Masekela Performs Stimela

There is a train that comes from Namibia and Malawi There is a train that comes from Zambia and Zimbabwe There is a train that comes...


Napa Acoustic – CAS 2018

It was good to see local manufacturer, Napa Acoustic, and their small-package-big-sound electronics here at the California Audio Show this year. . The main thing...
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