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$950.00 Accessories
Audio Asylum Trader posted a new classified on eBay about 1 month ago
Why spend a thousand dollars on a record cleaning machine with a platter motor that is prone to thermal shutdown and with casework that is susceptible to damage from the leaking internals of the machine?The SOTA LP RECORD CLEANER has been carefully designed and manufactured to provide years of trouble-free, high-quality record cleaning. Its single switch operation and automatic features make the SOTA LP RECORD CLEANER easier to use than other machines on the market.The LP RECORD CLEANER features a sturdy, hand crafted, scratch resistant, attractive black laminate cabinet with a watertight interior and a hand polished black lift-off acrylic cover. The platter is a waterproof polymer with a soft PVC mat that is easy to keep clean. The LP RECORD CLEANER also features a manual fluid dispensing system with one reservoir that has easy one-hand operation. SOTAs Vari-Port fluid pickup assembly design achieves linear vacuum pressure across the records surface. A large 32 ounce capacity waste fluid tank incorporates an exterior level indicator for simple gauging of when to empty the tank. The LP CLEANERS features a convenient storage area for the detachable A/C cord and the included hardwood bristle brush. An optional cooling fan can be included on the LP CLEANER. This feature, along with the 32 ounce waste fluid tank allow for the machine to be used for continuous cleaning of records.Retail Price: $950.00 without cooling fan; $1000.00 with cooling fan. BUY THE SOTA LP CLEANER AS ONE OF OUR MONEY-SAVING RECORD CLEANING PACKAGES AND SAVE UP TO $256.00!Record cleaning packages that include cleaning fluids and record care supplies can be built around the SOTA LP CLEANER. We offer two package content choices, which are detailed below. You can also build your own personalized package. You can choose from among the full line of Audio Intelligent Vinyl Solutions and Listener Select products to build your customized package, and Mobile Fidelity record brushes and record sleeves, and
$950.00 on eBay ($950.00 MSRP)
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Audio Asylum ...
Why spend a thousand dollars on a record cleaning machine with a platter motor that is prone to t...
$950.00 (Audio Asylum Trader) ($950.00 MSRP)
Sota Unknown - Buy a SOTA LP Cleaner and Avoid Overheating and Water Damage