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Auralic Polaris Wireless Streaming Amp. With Full Warranty and Free Shipping.

New $2,999
Up for sale is an Auralic Polaris Wireless Streaming Amp.Model: PolarisColor: SilverWarranty: Full Factory Warranty for US buyersVoltage Input: 120V (but I can convert easily to 240V)Condition: 7/10 T...
Condition: 7/10
Posted: 1 day ago
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Sherwood HP-1000 integrated amplifier. Chicago made. restored. with phono inputs

The HP-1000 is a vintage classic stereo integrated amplifier made in Chicago around 1977 by the original Sherwood company on North California Ave.. It's rated at 60wpc with 0.1% THD. With phono inputs...
Condition: 7/10
Posted: 2 days ago
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audioengine N22 Integrated Amplifier

New $199
Very nice amp, used in my office system (low hours), bought new and includes everything in the photos, excellent condition, no issues, very clean. USPS Priority Mail shipping is $15.00....
Condition: 9/10
Posted: 3 days ago
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NuPrime IDA-16

Only 300 hours on it........All in one 200 wpc amplifier, pre-amplifier and ESS Sabre DAC. Looks great. Sounds amazing!It was named the Absolute Sound Product of the Year in 1915. There are many rave ...
Condition: 8/10
Posted: 10 days ago
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Marantz 1250 125 wpc

Doesn't get much better. This one was fully serviced and recapped a little over a year ago and has been working flawlessly since. Excellent cosmetic condition, with a wear mark on the back of the case...
Condition: 8/10
Posted: 14 days ago
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Mullard EL-84 6BQ5

I just bought these tube from a reputable Ebay seller. They are Blackburn Mullard EL84 6BQ5's that test at full NOS. They sound superb in my Almarro, but I need to pass them along at this time. These ...
Condition: 8/10
Posted: 19 days ago
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Exposure 2010S2 Complete w box, manual, remote

New $1,400
I am selling l my Exposure 2010 S2 integrated amp. I have owned these a couple of times and they are wonderful music makers Many great reviews online. This is the S2 line NOT the older S. Better bass ...
Condition: 8/10
Posted: 25 days ago
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Sharp Unknown - FS: Sharp 1-Bit SM-SX100 Completely Digital Integrated Amplifier

New $15,000
If you are reading this, you most likely already know exactly what you're looking at. This is a rare specimen indeed. Original MSRP: $15,000 USD.This unit is tested and 100% guaranteed not to be DOA.$...
Posted: 28 days ago


New $5,000
Hybrid integrated, designed by Alex Peychev, about 80wpc, unit has some scratches on faceplate and a nick on left side of faceplate.remote included...
Condition: 7/10
Posted: 34 days ago
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Avantgarde Acoustics Model 3 Integrated amplifier

New $8,950
A solid-state integrated amplifier capable of delivering 0.4wpc into 8 ohms in class A , 1.1wpc into 20 ohms. Beyond those figures, the output stage switches to class A/B for up to 38 wpc at 8 ohms or...
Condition: 10/10
Posted: 34 days ago

PS Audio Elite Integrated Plus For Restoration or Parts

New $970
PS Audio Elite Integrated Plus for saleFor Restoration or PartsPowers up but no sound outputMissing one knob on frontShould be restorable if you have basic tech skills70 watts per channel; Integrated ...
Condition: 5/10
Posted: 52 days ago
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Marantz Unknown - marantz pm-8004 stereo integrated amplifier

9.9/10 condition two light scratches on top back left corner, flawless remote, completely clean, original box. $545 shipped located in 44260 ohio would rather make a deal locally but im good at shippi...
Posted: 61 days ago

Cambridge Unknown - Cambridge Audio Azur 640A V2 Audiophile Custom Upgraded Integrated Amplifier

New $1,400
Price is $350 + shipping. I am getting out of my expensive 2-channel hobby. Selling my custom upgraded amplifier. Very fast dynamic amplifier with tremendous dampening factor. This amplifier does not ...
Posted: 64 days ago

Arcam A29 Integrated Amplifier

New $1,600
Arcam A29 Integrated Amplifier Arcams A29 integrated amplifier represents another major step forward for Arcams stereo audio engineering! RETAIL: $1,600. $1,399 FLOOR SAMPLE...
Posted: 69 days ago
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Creek Destiny

New $2,295
I am the original owner of this beautiful sounding well constructed integrated amp. It was Stereophile Class A Recommended component when it was introduced. Power is 100 watts per channel at 8 ohms an...
Condition: 8/10
Posted: 70 days ago
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Heed Obelisk Si III Well reviewed Integrated Amplifier

New $1,795
MINT condition. Selling for pending cross-country relocation. The Obelisk Si MKIII can accept the DAC 1.3 or the premium DAC 2.3 with the user selectable settings The Heed Obelisk SI 3 is as its name ...
Condition: 9/10
Posted: 71 days ago

Audio Aero Prima Hybrid Integrated Amplifier

New $3,200
Audio Aero Prima Hybrid Integrated Amplifier A hearty integrated amp at a nice price! This amp uses both tube and solid state power for a control over your music that always stays musical! RETAIL: $3,...
Posted: 82 days ago

Arcam A19 Integrated Amplifier

New $999
Arcam A19 Integrated Amplifier the A19 will delight music lovers of all generations. It delivers exceptional transparency and detail with ultra-low level distortion and is perfect for those looking fo...
Posted: 88 days ago
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Luxman LB-103 Tube input, Solid State Output, 50 watts per channel

Luxman LB-103 Tube input, Solid State Output, 50 watts per channel...
Condition: 8/10
Posted: 100 days ago