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Emerald Physucs BOM Bass Augmentation

New $500
Rare Silver faceplateInterfaces between amp and preamp to dial in bassRCA only...
Condition: 9/10
Posted: 18 days ago

Sonoro Stereo 2 Emerald Green

Saturn Berlin-Charlottenburg...
Posted: 29 days ago

Styleaudio Carat Emerald Dac amp needs repair

Power adapter & USB cables only included.....no RCA's. Styleaudio Carat Emerald Dac amp needs repair. Been using this only as a DAC to stream music with my Macbook, sounds good, and is in very clean c...
Posted: 29 days ago
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Emerald Physics KCII WireWorld and Clarity Cap Upgrades

New $2,999
Wow. Since upgrading my amps , pre and dac, these sonud beyond incredible. Mostly, I don't miss having my 2 SVS powered subs in the mix in my large room, and that's saying A LOT. (See my ad selling th...
Posted: 29 days ago