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Cables: WyWires Silver
price: $999
No description
stranded true capacitance [?] 5.7 pF/ft termination [?] custom
Big E has posted a review of the Wywires Silver AES/EBU digital cable ($549) at HiFi Unlimited. His conclusions: “Well let’s get a few issues out of the way, the Wywires present a tad...Visit the Ultra High-End Audio and Home Theater Revie
Ultra High-End Audio and Home Theater Review Dec 16, 2012 edit
Bob Levi's excellent review of WyWires interconnects, Michael Wechsberg's fine phono cables write up, and Dave Clark's bestowal of a 2011 Brutus Award for the LITESPD USB cable illustrates the critical acceptance being accorded to WyWires' products.
Positive Feedback Mar 25, 2012 edit
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How easy is the cable to bend at the ends when making the connection to a component. If stiff, for example, add several inches to the as-the-crow-flys minimum length needed for your system.
1 is not very stiff at all. 10 is very, very stiff.
1 is not very hard at all to twist the cable to plug it into the back of a component. 10 is for when lots of advance planning is required.
Width of the cable itself including the insulator
Thickness of the cable itself including the insulator
thickness of the cable.
thickness of the strands in the cable.
Single-ended capacitance per foot
Single-ended resistance per foot
Single-ended inductance per foot
Number of nines. 2 nines means 99% pure. 6 nines means 99.9999% pure.
Cable is specifically targeted to use with subwoofers
Cable is specifically targeted to use with headphones
Cable is specifically targeted to use with 2-pole connectors
brand of the connector put on the end of the cable
price for smallest pair available that is at least one meter long. Prices are in US dollars and do not reflect import duties, shipping, or local VAT taxes
Weight of all pieces and packaging