Contour S 1.4
price: $3,500
No description
sensitivity [?] 85 dB accuracy [?] 3 dB ports [?] rear
drivers [?] 2 tweeters [?] 1 midranges [?] 0
woofers [?] 1 cabinet [?] other width 7.4 in
height 15.9 in depth 14.2 in
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http://goo.gl/PMYykK Read Here ” Dynaudio deliver very clean sound. Not as pure as that of their more expensive cousins also created by Wilfried Ehrenholz, the owner of Dynaudio, but the differences between them are not particularly big. This clari...
Audiophilepure Mar 19, 2015 edit
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Small speaker that sits on a stand. Sometimes called a monitor speaker
Speaker mounted on wall. Also called wall-mounted
Speaker mounted flush with wall
Home theater surround speaker
USB active speaker
Center channel speaker
flat, planar speakers typically using some form of electrostatic drivers
subwoofer speakers
Majority of speaker drivers not in an enclosed cabinet
Horn speaker
Crossover is in a outboard box, not in the speaker cabinet
Wireless (Airplay, etc.) music system
Speaker with built-in amplifier.
Efficiency is the primary measure of how easy a speaker can be driven by an amplifier. The more efficient a speaker is the easier it is for an amplifier to drive it. The lower the sensitivity of a speaker, the larger the amp required to make it go loud.
Lowest frequency within +/- 3dB of perfectly flat
Highest frequency within +/- 3dB of perfectly flat
+/- dB. Accuracy for most of audible frequency spectrum
location of the ports (large holes in the cabinet) many speakers have. Typically these ports should not be right up against a wall
number of speaker drivers
number of tweeters
number of super tweeters
largest super tweeter size
largest tweeter size
has at least one rear firing tweeter
has at least woofer on the rear of the speaker
has at least one woofer on the side of the speaker
has at least one woofer on the underside of the speaker
has at least one woofer on the inside of the speaker
number of midranges
largest tweeter size
number of woofers
size of largest midwoofer
number of woofers
size of largest woofer
number of passive radiator drivers
material used in the construction of the enclosure
Number of seperate speakers per channel
weight of a speaker (weight of heaviest speaker if more than two speakers)
Weight of all pieces and packaging