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$185.00 $230.00 Accessories Always Learning
Always Learning posted a new classified on eBay about 1 month ago
BrickWalls are made in USA using three proprietary patents. The PW2RAUD is a current, time tested model featuring: *Two Audiophile, grounded and isolated outlets * Surge protector which uses 15A wall plug and 15A receptacles. * This has 20A internal electronics for more heavy duty use (amps) as well as sources. * Includes a 6' grounded, 3-wire #14 SJT line cord with a right angle plug. * Magnetic shielding steel, black cabinet. * Self-test circuit with visual indicator. The lowest price I could find is $219.95 shipped. I will sell mine for $170.00 shipped to the USA. This saves you $50.00 Price is fair & firm. Used in a pet free, smoke free, temperature controlled environment. Photos are of the actual unit, Brickwall only w/cord. Dimensions: 3' H x 8.5' W x 4' DFrom Brickwall site- The 2RAUD represents the latest evolution of the Brick Wall Surge Filter for audio applications.This unit is specifically designed to handle high current devices such as large amplifiers and subwoofers as well as other 'power hungry' devices one might have in their home theater and/or audio systems. With a massive reactor that will not be stressed or constrict, this unit is overkill for most high current applications.Q: Does the Brickwall surge protector and line conditioner hinder or limit the current in any way to high powered amplifiers or negatively affect the perfect sound I demand from my high end sound system and amplifier? A: Absolutely not! One of the specific requirements in our design was that the Brickwall had to deliver superior power performance to any and all audio devices available (including the most demanding audio amplifiers) without accepting anything less than perfect signal output quality. Rest assured, the Brickwall will neither let your perfectly tuned eardrums down nor limit the performance of your amplifier in the slightest bit! Many positive discussions on audiogon, audio asylym, More information :
$185.00 on eBay ($230.00 MSRP)
Always Learning
BrickWalls are made in USA using three proprietary patents. The PW2RAUD is a current, time tested...
$185.00 (Audio Asylum Trader) ($230.00 MSRP)
Brick Wall Unknown - BrickWall PW2RAUD Line Conditioner & Surge Filter... $185 Shipped