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AUDIAV ZIRCONIA MASTER ISOLATION RACK STAND Rack height: 44' Tall(5) Five Total PlatformsPlatforms: (1) 28' wide Master Isolation Turntable Top (4) 19.25' wide Standard Composite Platforms Below**Custom units available upon contact or on manufacturer website. Visit for more informationThe World's most advanced and functional performance high-end home and commercial a/v furniture stands. Designed for the most important and discerning audiophile in this World... you.Audiavs Zirconia Series designs are built for the true a/v enthusiast or aficionado with an ultra-high-tech appearance & unmatched conformity at a seriously reasonable price point. Audiav's Zirconia racks provide the perfect place for your equipment to operate as it was designed to, without the damaging effects of nearby equipment and vibrations from loud volume conditions. The value of our Zirconia line is ongoing; you will never need to repurchase other fixed shelf racking systems in the future. You can completely conform to your current setup or rearrange it with any type of future need. Quintessential design properties permit modular attachment at 45, 90, 135 or 180 degrees to wrap around corners... or create large credenzas and entertainment centers. Add on to existing systems anytime to accommodate for new equipment additions.One look is enough to separate your a/v equipment stand from any other structures available on Earth. Match up Zirconia features against any other audio furniture:Master Platforms are comprised of nearly three inch (3) 79mm thick, hand-layered, six-layer HPL coated, dense, high-mass composite top. The dense shelf composite combined with extreme layering has a lower resonance than glass, steel, acrylic and solid woods. Patented center induction, ESD, Vibration, Thermal blocking layer(s). Double stacked internal dual layers of low-mass composite, viscoelastics, asphalt, closed cell nitrile reinforced neoprene bonded with patented layers of polychloroprene with rosin
$3,420.80 on eBay ($3,420.80 MSRP)
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AUDIAV ZIRCONIA MASTER ISOLATION RACK STAND Rack height: 44' Tall(5) Five Total PlatformsPlatform...
$3,420.80 (Audio Asylum Trader) ($3,420.80 MSRP)
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