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What is a Relaxed sound? edit

What does it mean when someone talks about a sound being 'relaxed'.
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Michael Davis, I work here
I do not see this term used very often. I have seen it used as both a minor pejorative and as a synonym for 'ease'

The first type of relaxed sounds usually have notes that often last a little longer than they should in both the prominent part of each note that is loud as well as extending the decay a little longer as well so notes have a tendency to overlap each other when they really shouldn't.

This kind of relaxed sound is a nice way to describe 'uncontrolled' sound and really probably means that the uncontrolled sound is not unpleasant.

As a synonym for 'ease' it means that there is no sense of the hifi system straining to generate the music, that each note does not seem to be cut off, in either its dynamics or decay, before one would naturally expect it to be.
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