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What is an Open Sound? edit

What does it mean when someone says something has an 'open' sound?
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Michael Davis, I work here
What most people mean, I think when they talk about an 'open' sound, or a big, open sound, is that there is both an ease to the sound (the amplifiers do not seem to be straining) and the notes are allowed to decay naturally and each note just kind of gets quieter and quieter as it fades away, and not getting cut off abruptly.

Typically, amplifiers that are straining, or overly damped, or speakers what are difficult to drive both compress notes to some degree and cut them off before their time, making them seem 'smaller' in both loudness and duration. This gives them a 'closed in' or 'constrained' sense to the music - i.e. the opposite of an 'open' sound.

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