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What is a Big Sound? edit

What does it mean when people talk about something having a 'big sound'?
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Michael Davis, I work here
A big sound is pretty much what one would expect. A big soundstage primarily. An images that are at least close to life-size, if not larger than life. Often big, open dynamics as well which is usually required to make the big soundstage sound at all real or even interesting.

Sometimes small speakers are said to have a 'big sound' when the soundstage, imaging and dynamics are much larger than that which one would expect from such small sized speakers.

Typically, listening to a big sound is like sitting first row center at a concert, often with the stage somewhat elevated, with the musicians spread out before you. The sound is usually dynamic (but perhaps not very well-controlled or 'tight') and overwhelming in a good way (if you like that type of thing).

The opposite of a Big Sound is a 'small' or 'intimate' sound.

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