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$3,799.99 $9,995.00 Amplifiers Audio Asylum Trader
Audio Asylum Trader posted a new classified on eBay about 1 month ago
For sale is our store's dealer demonstration unit of the ridiculously awesome Abbingdon Music Research (AMR) AM-77.1 integrated amplifier in the titanium dark grey finish. The casework on this piece is out of this world gorgeous, and it's got the sound quality to match the design aesthetic.The *ONLY* reason this piece is for sale is that the US distrbutor for AMR is no longer importing the top end series of AMR (the 77 series, not to be confused with the 777 series which includes the multi-award winning DP-777 tube output DAC). Given the massive number of new demo pieces that have arrived here in the past few months, as much as I love this piece and would prefer to keep it as a personal item for myself, I've got dozens of other options on any given day that I can pull from the warehouse and listen to in our showroom spaces. It is with regret that I post this for sale.... I may still pull it back and not let someone take it.... grab it quick in my current moment of weakness....Unit is the latest and greatest 77.1 version and comes with all the original materials, including the special flight case that protects it in shipment. I think the physical cosmetic shape is excellent. But after a debacle recently with a 1/4' swirl mark on the bottom of a speaker that I didn't see in direct sunlight, I'm going to say this piece is 6/10 - 7/10 on the audiogon scale on purpose so there are no bad feelings when the unit arrives. I can't find any scratches or obvious damage marks anywhere, but I'm still sticking with 6/10 - 7/10 to be safe.MSRP was $9,995.00 at the time I bought this unit. MSRP price spiked up a touch right before they decided to only import the 777 series. But sale price will be based off actual price at the time of purchase. SPECIAL SALE PRICE: $3799.99 plus shipping & fees. No, that's not a mis-print.... Priced waaaaaaaaaay below dealer cost to entice quick sale with minimal hours of effort on my part to get the deal done. Given the number of contiguous 20+ hour
$3,799.99 on eBay ($9,995.00 MSRP)
Audio Asylum ...
For sale is our store's dealer demonstration unit of the ridiculously awesome Abbingdon Music Res...
$3,799.99 (Audio Asylum Trader) ($9,995.00 MSRP)
Abbingdon Music Research Unknown - Abbingdon Music Research - AMR - AM-77.1 Reference Class Dual Mono integrated / power amplifier - titanium finish - dealer demo