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Eigen Audio – CAS 2018

Eigen Audio is a local Bay Area dealer. They represent Von Schweikert, MasterBuilt, Critical Mass, and Aurender. This post will feature everything but MasterBuilt,...

Joseph Audio – CAS 2018

Joseph Audio was showing with Bel Canto and Cardas Audio, as they have been known to do before, at this years California Audio Show. Joseph...

Eigen Audio and Master Built cables – CAS 2018

Eigen Audio had a static display of Master Built cables. Naturally, we photographed them. Master Built cables are on the expensive side of the street...

“Dagogo” California Audio Show 2018

The California Audio Show, CAS, 2018 was held at the Oakland Airport Hilton July 27 - 29. It was about 20% larger than last...

Bob Stuart talks MQA [2/2] @ Munich High-End 2018

Bob Stuart talks MQA @ Munich High-End 2018

Margules’ Mutable Stereo Console – CAS 2018

The Margules Mutable Stereo Console was in a class by itself at the California Audio Show 2018 in Oakland, CA.  It is kind of...

Triangle Art and Angel City Audio II – CAS 2018

Triangle Art was showing with Angel City Audio speakers this year at the California Audio Show. Here we will highlight the Triangle Art electronics in...

Reviewers View AXPONA 2018, AVShowrooms Reviewers Call the Show

Peter and Terry - summarizing the show and what were the most interesting rooms

Angel City Audio loudspeakers – CAS 2018

Angel City Audio had their loudspeakers on exhibition in the TriangleArt room. Angel City Audio brought their Seraphim Prime speakers to the show. These speakers...

Munich High-End 2018 – John Darko

Munich High-End 2018 (sights & sounds)
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