Dealers on Ultimist

General Etiquette

The general rule here is to act like an adult and not be a jerk. Don't be mean. Do not be rude or snarky, about or in response to any person, brand, product or anything else - or your posting privilages WILL be suspended. There are plenty of other sites for that. We do not care so much about the volume of posts here, but we do care a lot about this being a friendly place to visit and about keeping the overall quality of the posts very high.

Promotion of your favorite brands is encouraged but only in the areas it is allowed: the pages dedicated to your favorite brands in the Ultimist Files, the pages for their rooms at shows, and on your home page. Everywhere else, except the Audiophiles Gone Wild (tall tales) and Ask The Kitty forums, there is a 'just the facts, Jack' policy. So, for example, you can't promote your brand on your competitor's pages.


Helping you connect with your customers and expand your customer base

How to Promote Your Dealership on Ultimist

Your Business Page

Each dealer has their own page. Start here to find yours. If there isn't one for your dealership, please create it by clicking on 'Add Dealer' on the right side of the page

On your dealership's page you can:

  • announce events (for example, a room at a show or an open-house)
  • post show reports about these events (for example, photos and videos of your open house)
  • post links to tours, interviews, and videos about your dealership
  • post press releases about your dealership (please keep it down to four per month. These are automatically cross-posted on the main news page)
  • post in your custom Q&A forum where people can get the correct answers to all kinds of questions. Your answers here can be promotional in tone
  • list brands that you carry. Your dealership will then appear on those brand's business pages

Your Show Report Pages

Feel free to express yourself on your pages in our, and your own, show reports that display the products you represent. Self promotion and promotion of your dealership here is expected

Your Personal Page

Everybody registers on Ultimist as themselves. Feel free to express yourself on your home page and self promotion and promotion of your dealership here is expected. Be sure to create a short but descriptive tagline. People will see your name and tagline next to your contributions on Ultimist.

Your Social Networking

Feel free to share your expertise elsewhere on Ultimist, keeping in mind the 'Just The Facts Jack' and 'Don't Be A Jerk' rules [if you've seen other sites, you will realize that yes, we do have to remind people]. People like to associate a pleasant, knowledgable and intelligent person with the gear that they buy, so socializing a little will help people understand more about who you are and the integrity of your dealership.

  • The Answers forums. Sharing your expertise is a great way to help people get to know about your dealership
  • The Q&A forums for the products you sell. Sharing your expertise is a great way to help people get to know about your dealership
  • The Show Reports. Sharing your expertise is a great way to help people get to know about your dealership

Your Display Ads

Ultimist offers the ability to post several different kinds of aesthetically pleasing advertisments in the sidebar. Our prices are reasonable and our editorial policy is relaxed - as long as the ad is legal and has to do with high-end audio. Please, no animations.

Your Classifieds

Ultimist has a standard full featured classifieds section.