The wonderfully down-to-earth audiophile blog, Stefano Bertoncello’s Two Good Ears blog, often has pointers to awesome music, sage and nicely terse commentary and today, this find from

photo posted on Two Good Ears from

Hard to judge the scale of this thing from the photo.

I want it to be 20 feet tall and two of them installed in our living room.

Oh, yeah, and for our living room to be taller than 8 feet 🙂

There is a little DIY theme sometimes to the Two Good Ears blog, and a very long and wide-ranging blog roll on the left side of the pages on the website that will take you to places that make you think much better of the Internet and human-kind in general.



Anyone who likes Ali Farka Tourè has astute and wonderfully perceptive musical taste.

Ali Farka Toure – The Source

When you get a few hours, you need to check the TwoGoodEars site out.

Now, I think I am going to see what is up on the tubebbs site…


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