Triangle Art at Axpona 2018


Axpona 2018. The Triangle Art turntable had a better-than-average ability to retrieve music off of the LP, which the Esotar (they still use this?) tweeter of the EgglestonWorks speaker readily revealed. Hard to tell the overall top-to-bottom quality of the turntable otherwise because of these same speakers and THEIR top to bottom profile and due to the unfamiliar [to me] electronics and equipment rack. I can say that people really love the look of this table.

The main thing that you have to remember on this journey is turntables are your chance for your hi-fi to look awesome.

It’s kind of confusing because I’m all about the sound. The Walker Proscenium Gold is an awesome sounding turntable. But it is also really nice if the table looks like it is awesome. And the Walker… didn’t.

A beautiful picture from above.

Triangle Art turntable

You must understand one thing. The world is made up of lots of ordinary – good, but ordinary – sounding tables. Then there are the ones that are special.

The Audio Note turntables sound extremely turntabley – they do what tables do best. The Walker is – as I think JV once said a very long time ago – a vacuum cleaner: it sucks all the information up off the vinyl and delivers it to your ears.


It had a nice evenly detailed presentation that deserves more listening on a wider variety of hardware than what Triangle Art is showing with these days.

Maybe next show!

There was a time in the industry not too long ago, when it seemed that the high-end audio world was building better and better turntables. But with the rush to capitalize on the youth market – which has yet to show up at these nosebleed levels – everyone is pumping out turntables that may or may not actually contribute to the effort to increase the quality of audio reproduction.

Triangle Art gear

Triangle Art builds not just turntables, but amplifiers, pre-amplifiers and phono-stages.

It is an aesthetically pleasing suite of gear with a gold ‘blingy’ feel that is ripe for the Chinese marketplace and elsewhere for people who want to make a bold statement and, you know, just enjoy looking at their gear.

Audiophiles do spend a lot of time looking at their gear.

What else do you look at while listening?



TRIANGLE Art is growing – expect to see them soon at your next show or at your local dealer

They have been in this business for awhile – Tom Vu, the founder, is reputable and knowledgeable – which already puts him ahead of most of the competition.



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