The Margules Mutable Stereo Console was in a class by itself at the California Audio Show 2018 in Oakland, CA.  It is kind of an active speaker per-amplifier that is also a table top. It would be great for people taking a step-up from a turntable and bluetooth speaker system who like to get a little of that ‘DJ’ vibe at home.

The first thing I noticed was that the table the turntable is sitting on has speakers poking out of it.

It’s kind of confusing because people put turntables on all sorts of things: crates of records, hotel furniture, equipment racks in all kinds of flavors including bizarre, beautiful and utilitarian. So a person learns to ignore these things – check out the turntable itself, and move on.

But this was cool looking – huh – so I started taking photos of it too.

The Margules Mutable Stereo Console table

I didn’t get to hear the Mutable, but it looks incredibly fun to use.

Such a simple idea, yet so perfect for the DJ is all of us.

The knobs have that “I want to turn it up” look to them

The Margules Mutable Stereo Console side view



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