Hello audiophiles!


Welcome to Ultimist’s new look. And new purpose.

Ultimist originally tried to proved a encyclopedic resource that collected anything and everything to do with being an audiophile, especially gear. This is still useful, and still missing from the universe – but people are still generally OK [those crazy audiophiles! :-)]  with sifting through several dozen blog posts and reviews and forum posts to find information about a piece of gear they are interested in.

But what Ultimist intended to eventually become was a bright hot spark, a powerful catalyst, that communicates the excitement and passion that we as audiophiles feel on our best days. Too often we, symptomatic perhaps of the increasingly hostile aspects of modern culture, to war among ourselves and to focus on the facts and figures and comparisons – forgetting Why We All Do This.

So, heck with it, Ultimist is going to be that town crier, crying: “Being an Audiophile is unbelievably Awesome!” [and healthy and life-enriching and soul-calming and exciting and a wee bit crazy].



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