Audio Note AN-E SPe high-efficiency loudspeakers – CAS 2018


The folks at True Sound hosted the Audio Note UK room this year at the California Audio Show.

The AN-E SPe are very high-efficiency speakers – that means you can use beautiful-sounding low-powered [and possibly inexpensive] tube amps to power them.

Big, high-powered amps tend to sound like big high-powered amps, and not so much like music. This makes high-efficiency speakers extremely desirable to those people who want their hifi to sound like music. Luckily, in today’s marketplace, these highly desirable speakers are actually reasonably priced.

These are one of my favorite loudspeakers in all the world


The price-performance of these speakers is very, very good. Set them up right and you have a full-sounding, dynamic, kick-ass setup that plays everything from Steppenwolf to Joan Sutherland.

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