Zu Audio and Pass Labs – CAS 2018


The Zu Audio room was, as always, a music-focused experience at the California Audio Show in Oakland last month.

Zu Audio, and the Pass Labs electronics they chose for this room, are going for high performance, low cost, with maximum enjoyment.

They were playing the music much more quietly than usual – every time I visited or walked by their room, I did not get an earful of the refreshingly eclectic music they play at shows.

Zu Audio Druid Mk. VI loudspeaker

Zu Audio makes high efficiency speakers – easy to drive, … can go loud.

I got no explanation for the iconic books lying around: The old Feynman Lectures physics book on the Pass Labs amplifier, the Art and Radio Tube books distributed on-speaker and on-chair.

My copies of the Feynman books, which I received in the late 60’s, look newer than this. The whole experience was disorienting – physics is supposed to be in one corner, and high-end audio in another – it was like matter and anti-matter universes colliding [i.e. the Alternative Factor].

  • Zu Audio typically exhibit in larger rooms
  • Zu Audio typically sets up a DJ-like area to play LPs
  • Zu Audio typically bring and play eclectic and iconic LPs
  • Zu Audio rooms typically sound good

Anyone see an album they want to hear?

Luxman Turntable
Luxman turntable
Denon DJ VL12 turntable
Zu Audio Druid VI speaker in red



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