Napa Acoustic – CAS 2018


It was good to see local manufacturer, Napa Acoustic, and their small-package-big-sound electronics here at the California Audio Show this year. .

The main thing that you have to remember is that the pictures on the walls are not just pictures – they are also high-end audio speakers.

It’s kind of confusing because they pictures are attractive and to the pleasure of being in a room even when they are not making any sound.

In fact, I wasn’t paying attention to where the good sound was coming from myself – it was only alter and I thought wait…a … minute!

First we get the informative room signs out of the way.

We first will tour the speakers. After that the electronics.

Napa Acoustic on-wall speakers
Napa Acoustic on-wall speakers

They also had conventional KEF speakers for the system

KEF monitor speaker
KEF monitor speaker


For me, Napa Acoustic is best known for their awesome-looking musical-sounding apartment-ready electronics. This year they debuted their new NA-300A integrated amplifiers.

Napa Acoustic NA-300A integrated amplifier
Napa Acoustic NA-300A integrated amplifier
Napa Acoustic NA-300A integrated amplifiers
Napa Acoustic NA-300A integrated amplifier connections

This room was using the modern dual-sources approach to music – An analog rig and a streaming music rig

Now there is an iconic photo for your circa 2018.



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