Eigen Audio – CAS 2018


Eigen Audio is a local Bay Area dealer. They represent Von Schweikert, MasterBuilt, Critical Mass, and Aurender. This post will feature everything but MasterBuilt, which will be featured in the next post.

The California Audio Show is an awesome venue for local dealers who aren’t afraid to be seen side by side with their competition.

Yep. That was a shot at the larger local dealers who stay away because they have “too much business already”.

Let’s start with the Von Schweikert speakers.

The Eigen Audio room
Von Schweiker E3 Mk II loudspeakers
Von Schweiker E3 Mk II loudspeakers


Eigen Audio was also using Ypsilon and EMM Labs electronics, along with Aurender handling the digital streaming.

Eigen Audio system using Critical Mass equipment racks
Ypsilon pre-amplifier
An EMM Labs DAC2
Aurender music streaming
Ypsilon amplification
Ypsilon amplification

Just a few more odds and ends

Related: the Master Built cables featured in this room.

Center Stage vibration control footers
Eigen Audio poster



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