Margules Group – CAS 2018


Margules is a high-end audio manufacturer hailing from Mexico with a U.S. distributor headquartered in Georgia. The have products for every part of the chain in your typical hi-fi system, but for me it is their speakers that stand out.

There was a day when everyone it seemed was building a ceramic driver-based loudspeaker – But most of them sounded unnatural and bright.

But these days the fever is gone and I am not sure any specific kind of driver has ‘the mo’.

These loudspeakers got it right – the best of ceramic-driver sound without being unnatural and not being bright-sounding.

I didn’t get to hear ‘my music’ on these speakers, but what I heard was very musical. Decent resolution, decent top-to-bottom integration for most of the frequency spectrum and they can go loud when called upon to do so.

The equipment in this exhibit room

When well designed, ceramic driver speakers are typically accurate, detailed and have good micro-dynamics. These speakers have those qualities.

Margules Orpheus 1.3 loudspeakers

Ceramic driver speakers also slightly over-damp macro-dynamics – they are a little too well-controlled ‘down there’, and these speakers are no exception, but most may welcome this kind of behavior as opposed to bass that needs to be tamed by speaker placement and, worse case, room treatments.





The speakers, in this system, were quite enjoyable to listen to, and at the same time evidenced many happy audiophile attributes.

Margules Orpheus 1.3 loudspeakers from the rear

These speakers are rear ported, but the smallish port should help make setup in your room be fairly straight-forward.

Margules Orpheus 1.3 loudspeakers from the side

I like the way the drivers are extended slightly in front of the front of the cabinet, reducing front-baffle effects a little.

All-in-all, this is the second year I have seen Margules at CAS, and both times the same enjoyable sound.


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