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Found this cool infographic about home audio. Many of us have lived through many of these ups and downs... and it sure brings back lots of happy memories.  
Published on Jul 13, 2018 Harry Pearson was his name, the Absolute Sound was his magazine, and the rest is history. Harry was the first great audio writer, he made high-end audio exciting, something you just had to hear.
Published on Jul 7, 2017 Stereophile's Jason Victor Serinus tours VTL's factory in Chino, California with Bea Lam and Luke Manley. Filmed June 2017. Read the written blog post:¬†https://www.stereophile.com/content/jason-visits-vtl-video-report  
As high-end home audio dealers drop like flies, a few new dealers pop up now and then. Is it possible for them to succeed where others have failed? The old joke goes: If you want to be a millionaire in the...
Bob Stuart talks MQA @ Munich High-End 2018
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