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Ray is an industry stalwart and an all-round nice guy. He is one of the few people who care about the industry enough to actually do things for it. And he is a hoot if you catch him in the right mood :-). You can't go wrong with Ray.
We've known Steven for over ten years. He has been subjected to our listening room here and at shows dozens of times. Steven is one of the most well loved people in the industry.
Robert Lee introduced us to Santy at the first RMAF about 7 years ago and since then have run into him many times. Always a smile and a courteous manner. We consider him a friend and have successfully done business with him several times.
We've known Leonard for a few years and he has even been here to the house. He is a great guy and has help immeasurably our work here on Ultimist.
Danny Kaey is a wild and crazy guy from L.A. who now manages and posts feverishly on the Sonic Flare website.
Albert is one of the most well-known people in high-end audio as well as being a black-belt pun-master and all-round helpful person.
We've known Darrin for a decade or so, ever since we both carried Audio Note. He then moved to Colorado Springs, and we all became competitors [that made him a local dealer] and at the same time friends. We always ALWAYS run into Darrin at CES no matter how scattered our individual schedules are and the 10,000s of people wandering around - and we always enjoy these haphazard collisions.
It is with great trepidation that I vouch for neli, who also happens to be my wife and partner. :-)
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