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Custom stereo JLM Hypex UCD400 amp and Original Tyler Acoustics D1

Former mastering studio speakers...
Condition: 6/10
Posted: 3 days ago

Tyler Acoustics Halo 1 custom speakers!

New $4,000
This is a custom pair of Halo 1's with angled sides, premium kewazinga finish and the Seas millenium tweeters. magnetic grills. 2yr warranty. List for $4000 with upgrades. $2800 including ups freight ...
Condition: 9/10
Posted: 14 days ago

Tyler Acoustics D12x's in maple!

Tyler Acoustics D12x's in maple. Less than a year old! traded on H1's. magnetic grills. Biwire posts. 2yr warranty. $5600 shipped in the US and Canada. Paypal and credit cards accepted. 1-270-691-9500...
Condition: 9/10
Posted: 16 days ago

Tyler Acoustics Highland H3.5's in dark walnut!

Highland H3.5's in dark walnut. Traded in on H3's. Magnetic grills. 2yr warranty. All scanspeak drivers including the beryllium tweeters! $3800 including shipping in the US and Canada. Paypal and cred...
Condition: 9/10
Posted: 17 days ago