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SUNFIRE SIGNATURE Edition Bob Carver, High-End Power Endstufe, Amp.extrem RAR!

2x 600 Watt-8 Ohm / 4000 Watt 1Ohm! Audiophile Power!...
Condition: 8/10
Posted: 5 days ago

Sunfire True Subwoofer Signature 2,700W

Condition: 6/10
Posted: 5 days ago

Sunfire Cinema Ribbon Trio On-Wall - CRS-3 and CRS-3C

New $1,400
Pair of exceptional CRS-3 and one CRS-3C speakers for sale. The cinema ribbon series from Sunfire pack quite the punch. Ribbon speakers after being broken in just absolutely sing. This tri is in very ...
Posted: 24 days ago

Sunfire Theater Grand Amplifier TGA-7200

Condition: 6/10
Posted: 25 days ago

For Sale: Sunfire TGP-5 Processor

No remote. Condition: 7. $200. Sold as is. No boxes, cash and carry. Thanks for looking. YaboTechrxtra7@comcast.net...
Posted: 37 days ago