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Pass Labs XA60.5 set of mono blocks

New $11,000
Excellent condition Pass Labs 60W into 8 ohm class A mono blocks. Balanced and single ended Original boxes and manuals. Shown with custom made handles which can be removed and put back to original wit...
Condition: 9/10
Posted: 4 days ago

Pass Labs X250

New $8,250
Pass Labs X250...
Condition: 7/10
Posted: 6 days ago

pass labs xp10 pre amp

New $4,371
Condition: 6/10
Posted: 6 days ago

Pass Labs X-350.8 power amp

Pass Labs X-350.8 power amp, current model, one owner, mint condition with everything from factory, it sat in the same room from day one until we picked it up & brought back to our store. Owner upgrad...
Condition: 10/10
Posted: 8 days ago
US Audio Mart
#Pass Labs #Solid stateUSA

Pass Labs XA30.8 Stereo Power Amplifier

Condition: 6/10
Posted: 10 days ago

Pass Labs XP-12 Preamp

Pass Labs XP-12 Preamplifier brand new in factory sealed box , Pass Labs Hardly introduces something new, if there is a new model Preamplifier something has also changed significantly....
Condition: 10/10
Posted: 10 days ago
US Audio Mart
#Pass Labs #Solid stateUSA

pass labs Xa-160

New $22,000
Condition: 6/10
Posted: 17 days ago

Pass Labs XA 30.8

Great sounding amp! The clearest sound that I have ever heard! Buyer pays shipping and PayPal....
Condition: 8/10
Posted: 18 days ago
US Audio Mart
#Pass Labs #Solid stateUSA

Pass Labs, Original X-350 Amplifier, 350 Wpc

New $11,550
Condition: 6/10
Posted: 21 days ago

PASS LABS XP-10 Pre-Amplifier

New $5,250
Condition: 6/10
Posted: 25 days ago

Pass Labs XA30.5 Power Amplifier, boxed

New $8,567
Condition: 6/10
Posted: 27 days ago