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ModWright Elyse DAC

I math original owner and up for sale is my mint condition ModWright Elyse DAC. The Elyse has upgraded resisters by Alex Dondysh, the digital designer. From ModWright:...
Condition: 10/10
Posted: 2 days ago
US Audio Mart
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ModWright Oppo BDP95 DVD, CD, SACD Player Price Drop With Full ModWright Tube/Truth Mod & Umbilical Cable

New $3,000
Modwright/OPPO BDP95 DVD, CD, SACD Player with Tube Signature Truth Modfication, Excellent ConditionModwright / OPPO signature Tube Truth player includes 'Ultimate Truth Umbilical' cable between the p...
Condition: 9/10
Posted: 3 days ago
Audio Asylum Trader
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Modwright Truth Tube Mod Marantz SA8005 Tube CD Player/$2,800

New $4,900
Guys,I have my 15 month old MW Marantz SA8005 Tube CD Player for sale in excellent condition and it is a fantastic sounding unit! The unit comes with all of the items listed below:- Bybee Rails - Audi...
Condition: 8/10
Posted: 5 days ago
Audio Asylum Trader
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Modwright LS36.5 Valve Pre Amplifier

Condition: 6/10
Posted: 15 days ago

Modwright Truth Logitech Transporter

bought this new, used it about 3 years, then stored it when we moved. I pulled it out and ran it recently for a couple of months and it operates like new....
Condition: 9/10
Posted: 16 days ago
US Audio Mart
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Modwright LS100 Tube Preamp

New $3,500
A Modwright LS100 Linestage Tube Preamplifier in excellent condition, have original boxes and packaging. One owner. Also including owners manual and remote. Phono stage can be purchased from Modwright...
Condition: 9/10
Posted: 18 days ago
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Modwright LS36.5 Excellent Tube Preamplifier

Up for sale is my stalwart Modwright LS36.5 Preamp. Ive used this tube pre to excellent effect with both tube and solid state amps (e.g., Wells Audio, Odyssey, Decware, Conrad Johnson). Unfortunately,...
Condition: 7/10
Posted: 24 days ago
Audio Asylum Trader
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