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Kimber Hero, Pair Interconnect with XLR S 19 Feet

New $310
Pair of Kimber Kable Hero Interconnects with XLR Connectors. Nineteen feet. With Cloth Pouch....
Condition: 9/10
Posted: 4 days ago
US Audio Mart
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Kimber Kable Hero - Kimber Hero (XLR) 8.5ft/2.5m pair Interconnect cables

New $400
Manufacturer's Description: Designed to Surpass Your Expectations. An analog interconnect based on proven KIMBER KABLE technologies and design goals. Features include our unique GyroQuadratic field ge...
Condition: 7/10
Posted: 30 days ago
Cable Company
#Kimber Kable#Hero #CablesUSA