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JPS Labs Aluminata 6 foot - Spades to bananas

New $7,799
As the wire world turns, I now have a pair of the excellent JPS Labs Aluminata speaker cables for sale. 6 foot pair, spades on amp end with bananas on speaker ends. Believe the hype, these cables are ...
Condition: 8/10
Posted: 1 day ago
Audio Asylum Trader
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JPS Labs Abyss AB-1266 (Deluxe version)

Selling my pair of Abyss AB-1266 headphones as I'm not using them as much as I'd like. This is the deluxe version ($5495 retail). Comes with the original cable (2 x 3pin), adapters (2x3pin to 4 pin XL...
Posted: 3 days ago
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JPS Labs Ultraconductor 2 Dual Bi-Wire 8ft Banana Term Speaker cables - MINT

JPS LABS Ultracondutor 2 Dual Bi-wire 8ft Speaker cables - NEW - $395 plus ship....
Posted: 4 days ago
US Audio Mart
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JPS Abyss AB-1266 Deluxe Headphones

Funding a 2-channel system so selling off most of my headphone stuff. This has been my reference headphone for the past 2+ years. You won't get subterranean bass like this from any other headphone. Ma...
Condition: 10/10
Posted: 5 days ago
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JPS Labs Superconductor BiWire (Spades) 8ft/2.5m pair Speaker cables

New $945
Manufacturer's Description: By offering 3 distinctly different yet sonically similar styles, The Superconductor+ line of speaker cables can allow for consistently excellent results from any loudspeake...
Condition: 7/10
Posted: 88 days ago
Cable Company
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