Ultimist Etiquette

Ultimist Etiquette

Ultimist is special because of the people who use it

Be nice

Ultimist is a community. We understand that everyone has their preferences and tastes, but please be respectful. Audiophiles, Dealers, Importers, Manufacturers and Noobs, we're all just people. Be considerate in your messages and conversaions.

Report Objectionable Content

We do not allow fraudulent or missleading posts and ads. We also do not allow hateful content or nudity. If you find content that is objectionable or violates our Terms of Service you can submit the content for review by clicking the 'Report' links.

Tell us how to make Ultimist better

We're just getting started, so there are going to be bumps here and there. Let us know what's working, what's not. We take your input seriously. You can get in touch with us anytime:

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