Enthusiasts on Ultimist

General Etiquette

The general rule here is to act like an adult and not be a jerk. Don't be mean. Do not be rude or snarky, about or in response to any person, brand, product or anything else - or your posting privilages WILL be suspended. There are plenty of other sites for that. We do not care so much about the volume of posts here, but we do care a lot about this being a friendly place to visit and about keeping the overall quality of the posts very high.

Promotion of your favorite brands is encouraged but only in the areas it is allowed: the pages dedicated to your favorite brands in the Ultimist Files, the pages for their rooms at shows, and on your home page. Everywhere else, except the Audiophiles Gone Wild (tall tales) and Ask The Kitty forums, there is a 'just the facts, Jack' policy. So, for example, you can't promote your brand on your competitor's pages.


Helping people enjoy their gear more, their hobby more, and the buying and selling process more

How To Get The Most Out Of Ultimist

Buy and Sell Things

We are trying to bring bank-like safety and security to the secondary market. With your help we will succeed.

Please report/flag any suspected fraud by clicking on the 'report' button on the classified ad. If you report an ad, please keep track of the sellers response, if any, in the Fraud Forum, so you can 'unreport' them if you happen to have been mistaken. Please flag classified ads with care. Numerous invalid flagging will result in revoking of flag privilages.

Explore Boatloads of Information

  • the Ultimist Files (a page for each brand, a page for each product)
  • the smart buyers guide (shopper)
  • the news and music channels
  • the several thousand Q&A forums
  • the interactive show reports


  • Post commentary on your home page.
  • Like people and products and brands and photos/videos. Your likes will show up on your home page.
  • Vouch for your friends (and have them vouch for you)
  • 'Want' products (and have them appear in your wishlist)
  • Watch people, brands and products you are interested in
  • Ask and answer questions in our 2000+ fact-based Q&A forums
  • Post comments in show reports about rooms you liked
  • Post events like listening get-togethers that you are hosting
  • Add products and specifications to the products in the Ultimist Files

Keep Track of What Your Friends Are Doing

  • their home pages
  • their collection of the things they own
  • their collection of the things they used to own
  • their galleries
  • their wishlist
  • the lists of products and brands they like, things they watch
  • the lists of people they are watching

Email Alerts

Optionally get notified by email when:

  • a classified for the brand or product you watch is posted
  • a classified is posted in your area
  • a special deal is posted
  • a brand or product you watch posts a press release, or a photo, a video, etc.

Customize Your Home Page

Your personal home page has a designer url and is located at: ultimist.com/[your username]

  • Upload your personal photograph
  • Upload your a new splash photo for the header of your home page
  • Add products that you own to your collection (systems page)
  • Add products that you used to own to your used-to-own collection
  • Add galleries. Examples are gallieries of your favorite weird tubes. Or of your Jazz collection. Or videos of your favorite musician