About Ultimist

What is Ultimist?

For enthusiasts, by [crazy, nutty] enthusiasts

Ultimist helps people better enjoy their passion, or shall we say addiction

How? By making it easier and more fun to buy, sell, talk and learn about what interests you the most.

Ultimist lets you buy and sell things in a friendly, secure environment where information about exactly what something does is a click or email away.

Ultimist lets you ask and answer questions in forums that focus on the important things and all those super important details.

Ultimist lets you see the top high-end audio news stories of the day so you won't ever miss anything imnportant.

Ultimist lets you see who and what is happening in the world of trade shows - by featuring extremely comprehensive show reports for many shows

Ultimist lets you organize and share all the things you find: collections to organize their goodies, galleries to organize their photos and videos, answers to help others, and be helped by others... and, of course, your Ultimist homepage.

Best of all, you can browse what other people are doing who are enthusiasts just like you.

To get started, request an invite from someone you know who is an Ultimist member.

the way of the ultimist
  • safety and security

    sleep better when buying and selling gear. Ultimist was built with one over-riding goal: to provide ground-breaking buyer and seller safety in the used marketplace. The description of the technologies and algorithms used would fill this page many times over - but can you say: zero tolerance?

  • respect

    a culture of respect. Respect for everyone, newbies to hardcase audiophiles; for dealers, for the press, for manufacturers, for those trying to make a living and for those just trying to relax and have a good time. Posts by trolls or obnoxious bullies are obliterated. Only (quality) audiophile ads are allowed. Links to external high-end audio articles and websites are encouraged.

  • easy and fun

    our members deserve the best and ultimist works like, and has cool features like, the extremely popular sites those non-audiophile type people are using. Lots of big photos. Lots of videos. Lots of maps. Lots of drooling [or maybe that is just us]. Easily email other members, post your system and music collections, or just cruise the site looking at all the awesome gear.

  • passion

    if it is cool. if it is useful. or just because. Everybody here, members and staff, is friendly, helpful, and many are quite knowledgeable - and, shall we say, a wee bit fanatical? OK. A lot bit fanatical.