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Ultimist 101

What is Ultimist?

Ultimist is here to help friendly people pursue their passion for high-fidelity music reproduction. Learning, teaching, sharing, and buying and selling music and high-end audio equipment.

How to Sell something

How to post an ad

Click on 'Sell' at the top of the page

Fill in the required information. Areas that are required are indicated by the thicker borders. Please be accurate when typing in the Brand and Model names - this is how people will often find your classified.

Select the category your ad will appear in. Select up to 3 subcategories.

When ready to continue, and if you have photos to add, click on the Upload Photos button at the bottom of the page. You can go back and re-edit your classified at any time

You can upload any number of photos, one at a time. The order in which they are displayed can be changed using the 'arrows' underneath each photo.

Click the 'Preview' button to see how your ad will look. You can go back and edit your ad, or add or delete photos, at any time

When ready, click the 'Checkout' button. Here you will have the opportunity to see what the ad will cost and, if satisfied, pay for the ad.

How to manage your classified ads

Click on 'Your Dashboard' at the top of the page. You may have to sign-in.

Click on 'manage' found in the Classifieds section. on your dashboard page

On this classifieds manager page you can view, edit, cancel, renew ads and mark ads sold.

How to Buy something

Research the Seller

Check their feedback. Did they buy this thing here at Ultimist a while back? Have they bought and sold similar gear in the past?

Check their forum activity. Read their posts. Are they real? [i.e. are they as nutty as the rest of us?]

Check their collection. Is this item in their collection? Do they have other items in their collection of similar quality might be good matches for this in a system?

Contact the Seller

Send them an email. Make them an offer. Typically people use PayPal to exchange funds, and most dealers will accept credit cards.

Know Your Seller

Talk to the seller, by voice if possible, or email otherwise. Ask them questions about the product. About their system. About other products they have used. See if they are real or not.

Buying Etiquette

If you tell the seller you are very interested in what they are selling, but then change your mind, please let them know. Letting them know permits them to sell the piece to someone else without worrying that you really had your heart set on it.

Everyone wants the fairest deal they can get, but try not to low-ball sellers too much. Many sellers get upset about offers that are ridiculously low and may send your future emails to the spam bucket without ever looking at them ever again. A rough estimate might be that anything below 25% off the listed price is probably too low

How to use Search

Searching the classifieds

Search tries to be smart and will try and determine the brand and/or model you are looking for.

If you search for lamm or lam if will take you to the page for Lamm Industries products. If you search for ML2' or Lamm ml2 it will list all ML2 amplifiers that are for sale - but it will not list any ML2.1 amplifiers for sale. If you want to see what Lamm ML2.1 are for sale, either search for ML2.1 explicitly or just search for Lamm and ML2.1 amplifiers will be displayed along with, of course, all other Lamm products that are for sale.

All classifieds searches will only work for 3 or more letters. There will be some delay between posting a new classified ad and seeing it listed in the search results

Searching using zipcodes

Search will list everything being sold in your 5-digit zipcode. You can also search for the first 3 or 4 digits of your zipcode to find everything in neighboring zipodes as well.

Searching for other members

Search for members by typing your search criteria into the search box and clicking the icon found to the right of the search field - you know, the one with the silhouette of a person's head with a magnifying glass on their nose

We want people to be able to easily find each other. Searching for mike will find all members who have 'mike' in either their real name or username.

Validating member emails

Typing an email address into the search box will find the one member that has that email address, if any

What is News?

World Audiophile News Channel

Here news is collected from around the world and automatically piped in for your reading enjoyment

Classifieds News

Here classifieds are presented in a sensational pictorial layout for your viewing enjoyment

Forum News

Here the hottest forum topics and posts are presented in a sensational pictorial layout for your viewing enjoyment

What are Collections?

Hifi Collections

Similar to 'Systems' pages on several other sites, HiFi collections allow you to display, talk about, and answer questions about your gear.

You can list the gear in your current system, gear sitting in the closet [most of us have more gear in the closet and garage than we do in our system!] and gear you used to own [which is extremely important so people can see your current system in the context of what gear you have tried before].

Music Collections

Many people have AWESOME music collections. Hopefully they will share them with us, and answer questions about how they sound with respect to the reference recordings we might be more familiar with

There are several types of Music Collections, as many of us often focus on one format to the exclusion of others - only collecting LPs, or Downloads, for example

Ultimist Files: Q&A

General Guidelines

Our goal here is for all questions and answers to be useful, informative and largely opinion-free.

Good questions have a short, to-the-point title and (usually) details below that reflect your research and some thoughts on the question. Anybody can edit your question with the goal of making it better and more widely useful.

Good answers are detailed and on topic (i.e. they actually attempt to answer the question)

Trolling [antagonistic questions], spam and shilling [questions expressing an opinion like 'are the X amps the best amps ever?'], etc. will not be permitted and such posters may lose lose their posting privialages.

Q&A in the Manufacturer and Product Sections

References to other brands is not allowed in these sections. Some enthusiasm for the brand and products here is cool, and these sections can be considered 'fan club Q&A', but sales spiel and spam are not cool.

Ultimist Files: Businesses and Products


Anyone can edit businesses and products up and until the owner of the business or product takes ownership of the page.

Anyone can add links to reviews and corporate profiles and tours

Posting in Forums

General Guidelines

Our goal is for open, friendly and informative forums.

Open means that everyone is free to post - including dealers and the press. It means that threads are not deleted capricously [i.e. not because the moderator thinks they are boring, or have wandered off topic, or because it is Tuesday], and, in fact, not deleted at all except for the most egregious violations of the terms of use [advocating violence for example]. When threds are deleted, there will be a notice where the thread was to explain why it was deleted.

Friendly means that we expect people to be on their best behavior. We WILL censure people who are rude and obnoxious.

Informative means that, at their heart, the best forums are all about information-sharing. All of us have something to share, something we know that most people do not. Perhaps nothing more than a good understanding of what our preferences are in this life. We do not, however, consider spam to be informative - with the exception of the Press Releases forum, gratuitous marketing speak will not be tolerated.

Starting a new Topic

There is nothing special about starting a new topic. Topics can have many photos and videos, just like Posts. If you are logged in, you will be able to edit your topic by clicking on 'edit' next to the topic.

Posting a Response to a Topic

There is nothing special about posting a response to a topic. Posts can have many photos, the same as Topics. If you are logged in, you will be able to edit your post by clicking on 'edit' next to the post.

In both forums and collections, you can automatically make a link to a member's profile page by using the ampersand sign, @, appended with the username of the member. For example @neli will point to Neli's profile page.

In both forums and collections, you can automatically make a link to a classified ad by using the pound sign, #, appended with the id of the ad. For example #16453 will point to classified ad 16453.

In both forums and collections, you can automatically make a link to a known component by using the pound sign, #, appended with the name of the component. For example #wilson-alexandria-x2 will point to the page for Wilson Alexandria X2 speakers.

Posting a Press Release

Manufacturers, Dealers, and Distributors may post a press release in the Press Releases forum. Press Releases posted here will also be shown for up to 3 days in the general News pages.

Please limit frequency of Press Releases to one per week for any particular brand and to one per week by any particular poster [limits raised to 3 or 4 respectively if within 3 weeks before a major show/conference].